About Us

About Us.

Persoma makes it easy for your fans to interact, engage and discover all your content in one place. Think of it as the go-to hub for your fans, giving them access to all your social content without the need to jump from Instagram, to Twitter, to Youtube. From there, you’ll be able to interact with fans, providing them with unique offers and opportunities that align with their interests.


Persoma delivers an experience that’s personal to both you, and your fans. For you, it’s a platform that showcases your unique content, style, and personality. For fans, it’s a space to interact and engage with their favourite influencers, gaining access to the content that matters to them.


Persoma provides a gateway to all your best content, regardless of which platform you share it from. Introduce your Youtube fans to your Instagram feed, unify your social presence, and exponentially grow your fanbase.


By partnering with brands that your fans already love, Persoma helps you bring them together in a way that delivers true value to both parties. By identifying user preferences and interests, we’re able to deliver offers and rewards that fans actually want to see.

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